Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Travel tips to Pangkor.
We went to Perak to attend our relatives weeding.
After the weeding ceremony, we headed to Lumut.

We reached there around 7 and found a budget hotel for a short stay and unplanned holiday.

Early in the morning, we bought ferry tickets for about 15 of us. At the ferry's terminal, there are many travel agent offering hotels and challets to us. We stayed in a challet at Pantai Teluk Nipah. The challett about one minute walk to the beaches.

After checked in, the children cant wait anymore to go to the beaches. Pantai Teluk Nipah is one of the  popular beach  in Pangkor.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Precious Moment in Siem Reap

Seam Reap is a tourist city in Cambodia.

A must visit place is Angkor Watt, one of the seven wonders in the world. There are many watt in Seam Reap. My friend and i decided to visit Seam Reap because we want to see ourselves the historic building there.

 I feel like crying when i stood up infront of this beautiful historical building. Maybe we will sit a while and think, how the people of cambodia built this great building without a morden facilities.
Just imagine, without mordern engine like nowdays, how many people used their energy to make this magical building.

Come and see this beautiful monument by yourself.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cambodia, here we come

Lets go to Cambodia.

Early in the morning we fly to Seam Reap.

What a beutiful scence from the windows of aircraft, early in the morning.

We have an early breakfasts in the aircraft.
The flight landing at Siem Reap at about 7.50, local times 2 hours after we left Kuala Lumpur. A young tourist guided welcomed us to Cambodia with my named stated on a sign board at the airport.

 Our tourist guide is a young handsome man, hehehe...

After checked in, he bring us to a local restaurant in a Muslim Village. I choosed noodle sup which is quite different from i always have in Malaysia.

 The first activity for us on the first day a visit to Artisan Angkor. We enjoyed an experience here because we can see the process of making silk from the beginning.

After that we went to another factory. How great to see a beautiful painting and stones engraving.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Maldives for Incredible Nutural Beauty

Finally, it's holidays. We fly to Maldives which was known as an island with magnificent view of the sea. Maldives are superior by its beaches. The water is so blue. It was known byword for paradise for divers and newbride.

Maldives is located in the middle of Indian Ocean. The coral islands is incredible natural beauty,

This is the real underwater coral capture with Xperia Z10.

Maldives residents are most Muslims (Sunni Muslims). This is one of the masjid (mosque) built entirely of coral stone.

Tuna market on the beach.

A special accessories on the table in Maldives Cafe. Try it or leave it, hehehe.

Biyadhoo Island Resort.
A small island and a perfect place for snorkelling with a huge variety of fish to see.

Coral along the beach. You will love the island so much especially to reduce stressful city and work lifes.
This will be warm momories holidays for whole life.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Universal Studio Singapore

Last long weekend, we went to Universal Studio Singapore. It was a great experience because this is my first time going there by bus. We left on midnight and reached Singapore early in the morning.

We entered Singapore by the second link bridge.

As we have bought the pass earlier, we have so many time to take photos and walked around before the main gate open for visitors at 10 am.

Transformers have a powerfull attraction for most people when the comes to Universal Studio Singapore. There were a very long queue before we can enjoy the great experience in there. The robot was so real and i lost my voice screaming all the time in there.                                                                               

Roller Coaster was another attraction at USS. There are a long queue there top but I should admit that I dont have enough courage to join them.


 Let's the picture tell you the story.

Jurassic Park

I enjoyed being in Universal Studio Singapore.